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28th-Jun-2019 05:28 pm - Hello World~
no. 3 by candy_escapism

After years of slumber, I've decided to come back...somehow. I won't be full time in the fandom tho.

Anyway, for easy purposes I've decided to put up a list of my Tegoshi related stuff. MF and MU links are not guaranteed since MU links have died. Sorry I cannot promise any re-upload. But I can try if people needs them.

List of Tegoshi Yuya related posts:
Itteq episodes
  2010.05.02 to 2010.05.30
15 Sai no Blues
Shabake 2 DVD


no. 3 by candy_escapism
Just tried to translate the prologue. But just the first 5 paragraphs.
I'm not sure if my translations are right though. I hope someone will correct me.
I did this just to challenge myself if I'm ready to do translations.

here you go....

Spec opening own translation para1

July 17 1917

In a small town in Portugal, Mama Mary publicly appears and left prophecies to 3 shepherd’s children.

This was the famous “Fatima’s Prophecy.”

Spec opening own translation para2 & 3

Out of these 3 part prophecy although 1st & 2nd are dreadful, since then world situation were guessed exactly.

That is to say, the end of the 1st world war

Then, the outbreak of the 2nd world war

Afterwards, the rise of the soviet with the conflict in military affairs & politics of the East and the West.

Spec opening own translation para4 & 5

Saving the world is the point of the 3 prophecies.

But for some reason, the 3rd prophecy was kept closely in secret for a long time by the Vatican.

Spec opening own translation para6

But on May 13, 1981, The Vatican's, when the Pope John Paul the 2nd at the St. Peter square was sniped, “this event, there is the 3rd Fatima Prophecy. That prophecy is, with this everything was fulfilled” opinion is announced.

Incidentally, the Holy Father’s life was saved.

bleh reading at it now, it looks weird! lol. the sentence construction is odd. lol.

13th-Oct-2012 02:56 am - TV show schedule
no. 3 by candy_escapism
So i can keep track of what to download every weekend LOL

*note to self: Nikita season 3, Arang and the magistrate, & other current jdramas to be watched not yet included

09-13-2012 (thu)
    Glee s04e01
09-20-2012 (thu)
    Glee s04e02
09-27-2012 (thu)
    Glee s04e03
    The Big Bang Theory s06e01
10-03-2012 (wed)
    Supernatural s08e01
10-04-2012 (thu)
     Glee s04e04
     The Big Bang Theory s06e02

10-10-2012 (wed)
    Supernatural s08e02
10-11-2012 (thu)
    The Big Bang Theory s06e03
10-14-2012 (sun)
    The Walking Dead s03e01

10-17-2012 (wed)
    Supernatural s08e03
10-18-2012 (thu)
    The Big Bang Theory s06e04
10-21-2012 (sun)
    The Walking Dead s03e02

10-24-2012 (wed)
    Supernatural s08e04
10-25-2012 (thu)
    The Big Bang Theory s06e05

10-28-2012 (sun)
    The Walking Dead s03e03

10-31-2012 (wed)
    Supernatural s08e05

11-01-2012 (thu)
    The Big Bang Theory s06e06

 11-04-2012 (sun)
    The Walking Dead s03e04

11-07-2012 (wed)
    Supernatural s08e06

11-08-2012 (thu)
    Glee s04e05

    The Big Bang Theory s06e07
11-11-2012 (sun)
    The Walking Dead s03e05

11-14-2012 (wed)
    Supernatural s08e07
11-15-2012 (thu)
    Glee s04e06
The Big Bang Theory s06e08
11-18-2012 (sun)
    The Walking Dead s03e06

11-25-2012 (sun)
    The Walking Dead s03e07
11-29-2012 (thu)
    Glee s04e07
    The Big Bang Theory s06e09
12-06-2012 (thu)
.    Glee s04e08
12-13-2012 (thu)
    Glee s04e9

I should be studying for JLPT!!!!!!
oh gawd I need asiatorrent invites!!!
yes yes yes!!!! cant wait for english subs of SPEC TEN woooooooooh!!!!!!!
28th-Sep-2012 02:59 am - Dont say MASAO!!!!!
no. 3 by candy_escapism

just had to make screen cap of this scene!! i just luuuv this scene!!!!!!!

cameo appearance of Kyo Nobuo as Himejimas Masao aka Oscar in ep6 of Hana Kimi 2011 remake!



26th-Aug-2012 07:35 pm - Moon Embracing The Sun
no. 3 by candy_escapism

Moon Embracing The Sun poster

Okay I finished Moon Embracing The Sun earlier. I started with episode 3 on friday at 4pm and ended with episode 18 on saturday at past 4pm (yeah 15 episodes in 24hours) then continued with episodes 19 and 20 this morning. I've been wanting to post about it but it me time...coz I was googling for pics. Yeah I just watched it online bcoz Im too lazy to DL it (>_<)

Overall opinion? It was a nice romantic drama and that's it. Nothing more. It wasn't epic at all. Not a must-watch drama but if you're a kdrama fan, then you should. coz it's the talk of the kdrama land.

Yay! I still know how to use LJ cut ^^Collapse )



Now I will continue with Rooftop Prince, Dreamhigh 1 & 2, and Sungkyunkwan Scandal.

Credit: pics are from everywhere on the net. except the last, which was from dramabeans; and the screen cap of Seol death, I took that XD

RIP Neil Armstrong
31st-Jul-2012 11:48 am - Just had to...............Tamamori
no. 3 by candy_escapism

I just had to capture this screen cap.... hehehe... I find this scene really REALLY cute!

Kisumai Ataru

Tamamori Yuta (Kis-My-Ft2) from the drama ATARU
Hardsubbed here

no. 3 by candy_escapism
Yeah, so last night after learning about 山P crying in his concert here... it ignited the NEWS fangirl inside of me ^^
So today Im starting to download videos (some JE) at newhsfan's dreamwidth site.... gwaaah..I miss this feeling.. laughing with Johnny's.... I think I will start with the Johnny's Countdown 2011-2012 then go to few clips of Kisumai (coz they are hilarious) then I'll go to 4nin NEWS clips/videoes etc... がんがんがんばって!!!

BTW, I <3 how Kim Nam Gil is so active in his facebook account and Jang Keun Suk always tweeting (^____^)
they don't feel that far to me! ^^
no. 3 by candy_escapism

SeGa caps Little Mermaid

The knife the little mermaid held shook.
In the next moment, she threw the knife into the waves.
The waves lit up as the knife hit.
The sun was rising above the ocean.
The little mermaid looked at the prince through fading eyes and threw herself into the ocean.
And, becoming sea foam, the little mermaid disappeared.

SeGa caps Little Mermaid 2

And just as the Little Mermaid was about to disappear into bubbles, the prince realized the truth and said to the princess, “Is that your best? Are you positive?” He broke off the engagement and ran to the Little Mermaid. But the Little Mermaid noticing the bubble, invented an air-bubble washing machine and became a chaebol [tycoon]. Meanwhile, the prince became broke after a bad investemen and became the Little Mermaid’s Assistant Kim. They lived for a very, very, very long time.

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